Thursday, January 21, 2010

New From E-Games

EXTENDED “remix” of a recent news item I wrote for the Infotech section of the Manila Bulletin.


EVEN as it maintains its dominance in the field of online gaming in 2009, IP E-Game Ventures, Inc. or simply IP E-Games, the number one-ranked online gaming publisher in the country announced the launching of more new titles for 2010.

During its recently concluded Road To Dominance IV event, E-Games Chief Operating Officer Gil Edeza announced these new online titles namely Dragonica, a side-scrolling adventure game, Bandmaster, a music band game and OP7, its newest massively multiplayer online first person shooter or MMOFS will be available by the first quarter of next year.

Edeza says Dragonica boasts of RPG elements and an eight-way side-scrolling system in full 3D that provides fun and intuitive gameplay even for first time players. “Dragonica has the potential for bringing all kinds of gamers together in one game,” he points out. “Its easy-to-use interface and gameplay system will appeal to casual gamers and first-time MMOG players, while the game’s RPG elements, combo system and PvP battles will also attract veteran players.”

Heidi Mendita-Garayblas, Vice President for e-Games, adds that the game’s appeal widespread appeal is rooted in its uniqueness. “Dragonica, though side-scrolling, is the first to use 3D graphics to enable more freedom of movement. With its humor and use of pop-culture references, it’s easy to have fun while playing this game.”

Another new title, Bandmaster is actually a game to be published locally by X-Play Online Games, the joint venture company of IP e-Games and GMA New Media Inc, the digital media arm of GMA Network.

Developed by Dyson (Piper Games), Bandmaster is easily patterned after popular console franchises, Rock Band and Guitar Player as it allows each player to choose between six different instruments and battle with other players in a concert-like atmosphere where each participant will match the beats of their chosen instruments in rendering an outstanding musical performance.

“With the advent of technology, the music industry has evolved to a point where the artist can present their music directly to the public. Bandmaster takes this one step further, offering the opportunity to display artistic talent to their peers within a virtual setting,” beams George Royeca Chief Operating Officer of X-Play.

And then there’s OP7, which already began its closed beta and open beta testings during the last quarter of this year. The commercial version, set to debut next year will have better gameplay dynamics and will also feature new maps, the best of which is the Dust Map which is closely based on De Dust, the most popular map of FPS game, Counterstrike, as well as a Clan System that promises to bring players to work more cohesively as a unit.

“These new improvements and adjustments will make OP7 run better and provide an even more improved and balanced gameplay,” says Sonny Carlos, Product Manager for OP7.

In addition to these new games, E-Games also announced the closed beta testing period of Runes Of Magic, a game that started its Alpha testing last October. Developed by Taiwan-based Runewaker Entertainment, Runes of Magic is a new fantasy MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game), using a popular Western-style high-fantasy backdrop complete with heroic quests, crafting, incredible creatures and monsters to defeat.

“Runes of Magic aims to break online gaming conventions,” Edeza enthuses. “With a big, immersive world, veteran and beginning players are in for a surprise. And just like all other E-Games titles, it is free-to-play.”

IP E-Games is a subsidiary of IPVG, a company recently nominated as IT Company of the Year by the I.T. Journalists Association of the Philippines in its recently concluded 2009 Cyberpress Awards. 

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