Friday, October 16, 2009

Asus P55: The Mother of All Motherboards?

RECENT news story I wrote for the Infotech Section of the Manila Bulletin:

Asus launches new motherboard, promises error-free overclocking

As defined by Wikipedia, overclocking is "the process of running a computer component at a higher clock rate (more clock cycles per second) than it was designed for or was specified by the manufacturer, usually practiced by enthusiasts seeking an increase in the performance of their computers."

In as much as the process did generally improve the performance of computers particularly in games, it also had its share of disadvantages such as reducing the lifespan of a processor due to higher operating frequencies, increased voltages and heat and higher power consumption.

Performed incorrectly, it can also result in frequent crashes and bricking and in worst cases, damaged or destroyed chips as a result of heat build-up due to excessive voltages or improper cooling.

Well, with the release of its new P55 chipset for the new Intel Core i7 and i5 processors, Asus is declaring that trial-and-error overclocking are pretty much a thing of the past. During the recent launch of its Xtreme Design Hybrid Motherboards that promises "fast performance and uncompromising stability," Asus Open Platform Country Product Manager Senic Chiu and Open Platform Account Manager Steve Cokeng took turns in demonstrating the power and efficiency of the new chipsets. Featuring the Latest Intel Chipset, 48 Hybrid Phase Power, and SATA 6Gbps Connectivity, Chiu says the ASUS P7P55D Series promises "the Ultimate in Performance."

"The new chipsets employ a more efficient system, as it does away with the front-side bus which is usually the culprit for data bottlenecks and replaces it with the simpler Platform Controller Hub," he says. "In other words, we cut much of the red tape to help speed things along."

With what Cokeng describes as "idiot-proof overclocking, troubleshooting, and tweaking," the P7P55D Series will bring out the inner geek in most users as it provides superior overclocking performance. "This is due not just to the latest Intel CPU but also due toour Asus TurboV EVO, which functions like a second microprocessor," he points out. "Both novice and hardcore overclockers can easily boost system performance with the TurboV EVO's intuitive interface."

Additionally, Cokeng says overclocking is simplified by onboard tools that include "Auto Tuning which automatically overclocks the system to an extreme yet stable state; Asus OC Profile which offers the best overclocking settings for different scenarios; Asus Turbo Key which creates more physical overclocking buttons on the keyboard for instantaneous overclocking; and Asus TurboV Remote that also allows users to overclock from a convenient controller."

Both Chiu and Cokeng are one in saying this is certainly a safer and more accurate way of overclocking. They said the P7P55 Series is based on Asus' groundbreaking "Xtreme Design", a winning design formula drawn from many years of engineering innovation, to optimize overall system performance and hardware reliability. With the addition of the latest Hybrid Technology-Hybrid Processor, Hybrid Phase, and Hybrid OS, users will now enjoy "intelligent performance enhancement, active cooling, and rapid online access."

Two ways for overclocking:

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