Sunday, November 22, 2009

And To Think That I Got It From Mulberry Lane

“CUPCAKES are fun. They're exciting and delightful. Relive your childhood with home-made goodies baked from the heart.”

That’s what former advertising executive Mae Ramos says about her latest passion. And there’s a lot of truth to it, too. Her Mulberry Lane cupcakes are simply drop dead delicious.

With must-have varieties like Caffeine Overload, a moist chocolate cake topped with coffee butter cream and sprinkled with homemade peanut brittle; Lemon Daze, a lemon butter cake filled with real lemon curd and topped with a dollop of meringue; Choco Loco, a moist chocolate cake bursting with white and choco bits and topped with French chocolate buttercream and a drizzle of more chocolate bits; and Apple Dapple, a spiced apple cake packed with nuts, raisins and streusel and topped with a generous swirl of whipped cream and sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon, Mae makes heavenly cupcakes like it’s nobody’s business.

After taking up a basic culinary arts course in 2003, Mae’s interest in pastries started during her internship. Intially specializing in cakes, she eventually gravitated towards the smaller cupcakes that she found more fun to prepare and yes, eat. “See, the thing about cupcakes, they’re actually friendlier and the portions are smaller so it is less fattening and if you’re a girl, you feel less guilty about trying out its many flavors,” she points out.

Taken from the very first children’s book of Dr. Seuss and not the all-female pop group of the same name, Mulberry Lane’s cupcakes are nowhere near the same types sold in your street corner bakery. Even something as common as Black Forest, a miniature cupcake version of an old classic are given what Mae calls “the Mulberry twist.” Her Upper Dapper is actually a Tiramisu- coffee butter cake soaked in rum and topped with whipped cream and sprinkle of cocoa powder and mocha. And her latest creation, Choc Nut Cupcake, is a butter cake packed with choc nut bits and topped with choco- chocnut buttercream.

For those who think carrot cakes are, well, bland, Mae recommends her Carrot Cream Cheese, where “the yummy cream cheese is not on top of this carrot cake, but blended inside with pineapple and raisins and topped with cashew, sugar and cinnamon.” “I found a way to make a carrot cake more interesting. It’s not at all boring,” she declares.

Available in packs of two’s and four’s, Mae said she’s considering creating six packs of her Mulberry Lane goodies for the coming holiday season. Recently, she released a new Sesame Street edition of her cupcakes for children’s birthdays.

While orders are mostly for birthdays, Mae has lately been getting requests for weddings as well, since she says cupcakes are getting to be quite a staple in nuptials as of late.

Still not convinced? Hey, don’t take my word for it. Give Mulberry Lane cupcakes a try and find out what all these hallelujahs is about. Call or text Mae Ramos at 7242968, 7210112 or 09189019857. You can also drop her an email at Minimum order is P450 plus P75 delivery charge. Delivery is free, however, for those who live in the E. Rodriguez and Tomas Morato areas.

And since we don't have a Mulberry Lane cupcakes video yet, here's the next best thing, the pop group, Mulberry Lane with their 1999 single, “Harmless.” Sweet!

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