Sunday, January 24, 2010

Picture Flawless

RECENTLY attended the press presentation of the finalists for Picture Flawless, a search for the next male and female endorsers of the popular salon chain.

From the more than 1,000 hopefuls between the ages of 15 and 33 who agreed to be photographed after availing of  P1,800 worth of products and/or services from Flawless branches nationwide, only 23 emerged as the last ones still standing.

Distinguished by their “F” text voting codes as well as the characteristics that best represents their respective personalities, these finalists are for the girls: Flawlessly Kikay Jean Teresa Agoncillo or F1, Flawless Potential Abigael Arazo or F2, Purely Flawless Julianne Susie Arcenio or F3, Flawlessly Elegant Doris Cheong or F4, Flawless Dreamer Trina Felis Espia or F5, Flawlessly Exotic Keina Fawaz or F6, Flawlessly Fun Rose Carmel Pagtalunan or F7, Flawless Mom Jennifer Regaspi or F8, Flawless Diva Rhiza Ostonal or F9, Flawlessly Fierce Catherine Santos or F10 and Flawlessly Friendly Apple Seva or F11.

The lucky guys who made the cut are Flawless Chef Aristotle Corrales or F12, Flawless Heartbreaker Carlo Cruz or F13, Flawlessly Dangerous Robert de Claro or 14, Flawlessly Charming Eric Eleazar or F15, Flawless Hugger Paolo Jereza or F16, Shy and Flawless Cerafin Letim or F17, Flawless and Tough Rafael Nanquil or F18, Flawlessly Funny Paul Reyes or F19, Eco-Flawless Saman Sohrabi or F20, Flawless Mind Stephan Schielmann or F21, Flawlessly Fine Jason Sumang or F22, and Flawlessly Sincere John Rudolf Villamor or F23.

That’s a lot of F’s there. Kidding. Seriously, while I thought all of them are deserving to have their own Flawless billboards (actually they already do as a group), there are those who stood out for one reason or another.

Among the girls, F2 Abigail Arazo left quite an impression. The youngest finalist at 15 who was refused entry at Embassy during a Flawless event because of her age has the same kind of growing up appeal that the likes of Carmina Villaruel and Anne Curtis had. Potential is indeed the key word for her.

There’s F3 Julianne Arcenio who is best remembered for her “represent the Filipino, with Filipino values” reply to what makes her Flawless. There’s F4 Doris Cheong and F6 Keina Fawaz who both photographed and projected well during the launch. There’s F10 Catherine Santos, who true to her Flawlessly Fierce billing boldly declared that she will donate P200,000 of the total P800,000 prize money to a medical cause if she wins. Yes, she’s kinda cute, too.

And then there’s F11 Apple Seva, who although already married remains a bubbly personality and drop dead gorgeous with her unforgettable smile. During our brief chat at the launch, Apple told me how she had a wonderful time getting to know the others during their photo shoot and was so thrilled when she saw their Picture Flawless billboards in EDSA she couldn’t help but take photos.

I didn’t get to interract that much with the guys but I thought F16 Paolo Jereza, who took part in the same formidable Star Circle batch of Hero Angeles, Roxanne Guinoo, Joross Gamboa, Melissa Ricks, Sandara Park and Michelle Madrigal has a good shot.  There are those who favor tall and funny guy F19 Paul Reyes while I thought pretty boys F18 Rafael Nanquil and F20 Saman Sohrabi could easily have been Regal babies if they were born in another time.

One girl and one boy will win the cash prize of P800,000 each, in addition to a Flawless endorsement contract that includes his and her own billboard. Lorna Tolentino, Judy Ann Santos, Richard Gutierrez, Mark Herras and Yasmien Kurdi are just a few of Flawless celebrity endorsers.

Of course, their chances or at least 80 percent of it hinges on your votes. Voting is done through visits at Flawless branches or through texting. Even voters stand to win big in the raffles conducted last January 18 and this coming February 8.

And since Picture Flawless donates part of the profits to the victims of the recent typhoons that ravaged the country, you’re actually part of a good cause as well. So are the eventual winners who will also embark on the Flawless Philippines project and provide valuable input on how the Philippines can be a more Flawless place.

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