Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MEGA Magazine's 10 Most Beautiful Women

Dubbed as the country’s best fashion magazine, MEGA recently celebrated Filipina women blessed with both beauty and grace as it recognizes that beauty is not only skin deep.

In their recent May, 2010 issue featuring singer Sarah Geronimo on the cover and still available on most newsstands, MEGA, a magazine that I have been fortunate to be a contributing writer in the distant past, reveals its annual 10 most beautiful women namely KC Concepcion, Agot Isidro, Maxene Magalona, Timi Gomez, Cris Albert, Mitzi Borromeo, Stephanie Kienle, Chicho Suarez, Joanne Zapanta-Andrada, and Stephanie Zubiri.

We’re all too familiar with movie and TV personalities KC, Agot and Maxene but what about the rest? Some of us know Joanne Zapanta-Andrada as a model and writer while the prominent family name of chef and model Stephanie Zubiri also rings a bell to many. And the others have also carved a niche for themselves in their respective social and career circles.

But more than what they do for a living, it is their social awareness that also made them qualified for MEGA’s most beautiful list. During the launch party of this special issue at Greenbelt 5, I was surprised to learn that each of these women are also actively involved in worthy causes.

Stephanie Zubiri is an active speaker for Dakila Artists Advocacy for Climate Change. KC Concepcion is actually a United Nations World Food Programme Ambassador. Entrepreneur Timi Gomez is a co-founder of Why Not? Forum.

FILA and TIVA CEO Cris Albert is a co-founder of Operation Compassion. Model, dancer and Philux General Manager Stephanie Kienle is an active member of the French Virlanie Foundation. Graphic artist Chicho Suarez is a supporter of the Victoria Court HIV Awareness Organization while Agot is also a supporter of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society.

And then there’s Café Scientifique coordinator Mitzi Borromeo who is also the founder of Creative Cross Border Productions. There is certainly more to these women than just their pretty faces.

It was former Beatle George Harrison who once said that “beauty lies from within” when he wrote his now immortal standard, Something. That’s certainly the case with these 10 Most Beautiful Women. Yes, there is something in the way they move.

Featuring the equally beautiful Sarah Geronimo on the cover, MEGA’s May 2010 issue also contains the much-anticipated Beauty Awards that showcases the best in hair, body, face, and makeup. Still on newsstands. 


vcs said...

If you can post the photos of the 10 women, that would really help.

Jugs said...

will try to post later, Onnie. thanks. =)