Tuesday, November 30, 2010

PLDT myDSL Wi-Fi Modem

ONE is simply not enough. 

Not in a household where my sister needs to communicate with her OFW husband in the Middle East. Not in a household where my nephew and niece, now teenagers, need to constantly update their Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr or whatever social networking site is currently on vogue. Not in a household where I need to write and yes, email my articles on a daily basis.

It doesn’t even matter that we have a desktop PC, a netbook and even the latest touchscreen smartphones at our disposal. When we all need to go online at the same time, one single wired broadband connection is simply not enough for all of us to share.

And that is why I for one am very glad that there’s the new PLDT Wi-Fi Modem that can now settle our longtime dispute of who needs to go online first and what time? Now all of us can and anytime we want to.

As an acknowledged leader in the telecommunication industry, PLDT has time and again came up with innovative products that has never ceased to amaze a lot of people. As innovations go, the new PLDT Wi-Fi Modem from PLDTmyDSL goes beyond broadband with its triple play service.

The modem’s 4-port hub switch can accommodate up to four wired and multiple wireless connections, allowing for wireless connection within the range of 25 meters anywhere at home. With its 4-port hub switch that can accommodate up to four wired and multiple wireless connections, subscribers can enjoy simultaneous connection. The entire family can now go online using desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices simultaneously. Immediate access to news and entertainment, online shops, social networks, and any information we need to look up has never been this immediate.

“The digital lifestyle isn’t an option,” PLDT AVP and head of PLDT myDSL Gary Dujali says. “It is what life has become. So it’s important for everyone to have unrestricted access to the web at home whenever they want, wherever they want.”
Availability of connection in one’s area or barangay can be checked with PLDT myDSL. Applying online means fewer fields to fill in and also guarantees customer feedback on status of application within 48 hours.

It gets better. PLDT is launching its PLDT Wi-Fi Modem in a big way. Those who would like to avail of it when they visit SM Megamall on December 3 to 5 will be treated to an exclusive offer at the Ultra Broadband Blowout, PLDT myDSL’s biggest and most exclusive broadband sale of the year.

Here, the new PLDT Wi-FI modem itself is up for grabs at P1200 only and not its regular P2,200 for Bundled Plans 990 and 1299. Those who will upgrade the PLDT myDSL Plan 990 can get it for free as well those who are already subscribing to myDSL high speed plans of 999,1995 and 3000 that compares favorably well to its P1000 regular price.

On December 4, all roads lead to the Republiq as more than 1,000 of the city’s best known movers and shakers will party the night away as Natural Born Klubbers or NBK presents its NBK Greenhouse Effect 2, the annual Christmas party of party promoters. The event will also coincide with PLDT Wi-Fi Miodem’s official public launch. With the expected unique and exciting performances by DJ’s, dancers and musicians, yes, there is a lot to celebrate as wireless internet access in our own homes is something that we no longer have to merely imagine.

“We at PLDT recognize the importance of evolving our products to provide our subscribers with services that conform to their needs,” Dujali says. “It’s all about making life current, convenient, and comfortable for everyone in the family.”

And convenient and comfortable it is. Commercial Wi-Fi zones are known as hotspots. Well, with the new PLDT Wi-Fi modem, I personally thought it was both comforting and exciting to see my entire home turned into a hotspot itself.

Because one shared connection was simply not enough. Now one will never be enough.

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