Sunday, May 23, 2010

Essensuals Toni & Guy

WHO says vanity is a woman’s game? We guys do know how to care of ourselves, too. How important is our crowning glory, for starters? Well, check out what I wrote on Essensuals Toni & Guy hair salon last year for the Manila Bulletin.


WHILE there are famous men who have been defined by a certain hairstyle such as Julius Caesar, George Washington, Mozart, Bob Marley, Sid Vicious and Donald Trump, among others, the fact remains that “for a long time, hair cuts for men have been quite traditional.”

“It’s only recently that men have started experimenting,” says hairdresser Leo Tambourine or just plain Leo T, Technical Director of Essensuals Toni & Guy salon. “We do get a lot of male clients in our salon now including creative people like designers, artists, advertising people and celebrities. We also get businessmen and executives who go for a traditional look but still stylish.”

The South African-trained hairdresser says that two popular looks continue to stand out among their male clientele these days. “The David Beckham look is very popular right now, especially among older men. The hair is basically cropped short, but still looks styled and sleek and yes, easy to maintain,” declares the senior stylist for various Toni & Guy salons in the UK before coming to Asia in 2006. “The Emo look, on the other hand, is popular among young people, trendy students in particular.  It’s an edgy look, sharp and layered.”

Tambourine says there are actually two types of Emo haircut that he usually recommends and performs. “There’s a short emo haircut for boys that involves a short and spiky cut with medium to long bangs, which can be brushed to one side. For men, the shorter emo haircut is preferred, short and spiky in the back and a fringe of bangs in front.”

Regardless however of one’s choice of hairstyle, Tambourine emphasizes that consultation is key to a good look, especially if it’s something new to you.

“If you’re going for a new look, deciding which hairstyle to take on can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you‘re the type who throws on a baseball cap every time you have a bad hair day,” he points out. A good tip is to make sure you know what you want and that your stylist knows the hairstyle you want, even if that means showing him a picture.  Any stylist worth paying good money for will take the time to have a good consultation with a client.”

The way he sees it, there are hairstyles that are low maintenance, which is usually a good thing and there are those that are high maintenance, which is exactly the opposite. “Low-maintenance hairstyles are the result of getting the proper haircut. Your stylist should be able to give you the proper haircut based on your face shape and features.”

“The high-maintenance hairstyles are usually the ones that are not properly done, and are forced to look a certain way by applying too much product,” he laments. “So, a bad haircut is the result of putting too much product to achieve a look that you don’t have to begin with. “With short hair, shaping is important so a professional’s touch is necessary.  This modern short hairstyle should do equally well for work and leisure.”

Proper consultation, he says, could lead both client and hairdresser to see eye to eye on a good choice hairstyle. Founded by the Moscolo brothers Toni & Guy in 1963, it’s hard to go wrong with professional advice from a company that has grown from a single unit in Clapham, South London to a trusted name in hair care with a good number of salons and academies worldwide that also provide a wide range of hair care products.

Its growing portfolio of associated companies including Essensuals hairdressing group, founded in 1997 by business guru Toni Moscolo and his children Sacha and Christian.
Created to compliment Toni & Guy, Essensuals offers its clients award-winning hair styling, lifestyle and beauty solutions that have been described as visionary, spirited and contemporary.

“I always envied the kind of work Toni & Guy created and this made me decide to work for them,” Tambourine enthuses. “We put a premium in consultation because for us, it is very important in finding the best cut to match a client’s features.”

In the Philippines, Essensuals Toni&Guy is located at 6750 Ayala Center, Crowne Plaza, SM Megamall Atrium and Trinoma.

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