Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PoliticalArena.com Goes Mobile

WITH only six days to go before Election Day, candidates for both national and local positions are now stepping up their efforts to campaign for those all-important votes. All kinds of issues are now being raised so it is important to separate the chaff from the grain.

PoliticalArena.com, the country’s first socio-political networking site, recognizes the importance of being constantly updated and has recently introduced PoliticalArena Mobile, an application that delivers optimized election content to mobile phone screens. Based on the Cynamon platform, PoliticalArena Mobile is capable of delivering just about any type of content ­­to the mobile screen, be it text, audio, photos and even short videos.

As an official information website of the Commission on Elections, PoliticalArena.com provides candidates and voters with a venue to communicate with each other using social networking tools such as blog, chat, forum, and multimedia portals.

The new mobile application extends the capabilities of the site as it offers candidate information, breaking news, announcements and other related election-information that can be accessed and viewed using a mobile phone.

“PoliticalArena Mobile is designed to make information about the 2010 national elections more accessible. Members who sign up for the service will receive updates about the candidates they support, as well as news about the national elections,” says PoliticalArena.com General Manager Racquel Cagurangan. “The application utilizes mobile devices to disseminate information and promote awareness by providing content that goes beyond the capabilities of SMS and MMS. At the same time, it also promotes interactivity because users can send feedback and comments through their mobile devices.”

PoliticalArena Mobile can be downloaded for free. Standard data charges of service providers apply each time the application is launched and used. To register, users must log on to the application page here

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