Monday, September 14, 2009

The Gaslight Anthem

THE Gaslight Anthem is a New Jersey-based quartet that has released three critically-acclaimed recordings in the four-song EP, Señor and the Queen, the sensational full-length debut, Sink or Swim and the equally well-received The '59 Sound.

In the band's Wikipedia page, one critic's spot-on description of them read: "The Gaslight Anthem are like something out of speculative fiction: "this is what pop music would be if Springsteen hadn't listened to his producer, let The Ramones record Hungry Heart, and launched the C.B.G.B.'ers into megastardom."

However one describes it, this is a great rock and roll band that kicks major butt. I first heard them on the radio show, Pirate Satellite on NU107 and I have been a fan since. Check them out in this video of a song written as a tribute to the Clash's Joe Strummer.

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