Monday, September 21, 2009

Midnight Rendezvous: TV5's Late Night Trip

WELL, if you think you got nothing better to watch on TV on late nights, then you might want to consider pointing your remote to TV5 and check out its late night offerings. Since The Network Formerly Known as ABC 5 decided to reinvent itself last year with a new name (TV5, of course) and a new identity, it has continuously expanded its programming horizons by coming up with local shows that has fared well in the ratings game against shows by both ABS-CBN and GMA.

Pat Marcel0-Magbanua, the station's Marketing and Communciations Head said that since becoming TV5, the station now ranks third behind "The Big Two" in overall ratings and is even rated number one on certain time slots.

Which is probably more than enough good reason for the station to uh, "shake-up" its weekday late night time slots by introducing seven new shows during its Late Night Trip launching event at Mag:net Cafe in Bonifacio High Street. Also coinciding with its Happy One Year celebration, the new late night offerings each have something for everyone from humor to music to travel to cars to food to games to yes, girls, girls and more girls.

Here's how the shake-up shakes down:

Urban Tribe. Airing Mondays on 11:30PM, the show is hosted by the Fiesta House Band called Tribomanila that features Stefano Lowenstein, Alvin Cornista, Danger Sanchez, Marcus Maguidad and actor Minco Fabregas, the show is all about what men like, and not just women but also music, traveling, partying and I guess, everything in between.

Promdi Chef. As its name suggests, this is about a Visayan-based chef who takes viewers on a tour of the best places to eat in the region. Except Chef Jomi Gaston is no ordinary chef. An alumnus of the Culinary Institute of America, this Bacolod native also owns an Italian resto and a cafe that specializes in Asian and European cuisine. Tuesdays, 11:30PM.

Stoplight TV. This show is more of a "bagong lipat" than really bago. Yes, it's the same one-stop motoring program you've been watching for years. Featuring the latest motoring and motoring sports-related material from all over the world and I suppose, the world wide web, the show is hosted by DJ Matt Montoya and Eggay Quisada with Stoplight Angels Love-Love Tioseco, Ardge Barbaso and make-up artist Mayone Bakunawa to keep the guys tuned in. Wednesdays, 11:30PM.

How 'Bout My Place Tonight? In this culinary school for TV, celebrated chefs Fernando Aracama and John Cu-Unjieng teaches us how to cook "glorious food" the quick and easy way. The show also features guest prominent personalities, tourist spots and their signature delicacies, OFW's sharing their international discoveries via phone patch (really?) and many more. Thursdays 11:30PM.

More On Gaming TV (or Simply MOG TV). Produced by E-Games, distributor of popular online games, RAN, CABAL, Granado Espada, Dance Battle Audition, Runes of Magic and more, the show is all about games and appeals to hardcore and casual gamers alike. Hosted by Magic 89.9 jock Sam YG, the show features reviews, mods, strategies, cheats and yes, sizzling gamer girls. Fridays, 11:30PM.

Jojo A. All The Way. Is he our very own Letterman or just a poor man's Conan O' Brien? No matter what you want to call him, Jojo Alejar has the late night talk show schtick down to a science. Even with the not-so-good signal on the UHF station where he first started this, Jojo A. has managed to create a niche for himself that has grown exponentially to merit a major network transfer. With a better set, better gimmicks, better signal and yes, funnier jokes (hehe!) and side comments on the issues of the day, the laughs should come aplenty every midnight on weekdays.

Insomnia. Airing right after Jojo A. All The Way at 12:30AM on weekdays, this informative, humorous and sexy show has live music, interactive games, music videos and three alternating sassy hotties chatting the morning away. Unfortunately, only one among Chai Lontoc, Diane Medina and Mica Abesamis is here to stay. All three are up for the scrutiny and judgment of viewers who will decide who among them is the Ultimate Insomnia Hottie.

And that's all she wrote. So are these shows worthy of our thumbs ups, or for that matter, high 5's, pun intended? With the exception of Jojo Alejar's show which in my opinion, has improved by leaps and bounds and therefore a must-watch on his time slot, I'm not in a position to say anything about the other shows. Yet. But do visit this blog from time to time. If I do get the chance to catch any of them and I hope I do, I will share my thoughts here.

In the meantime, watch this YouTube highlight reel of Jojo A. All The Way:

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Firestarter1331 said...

i like jojoA all the way

but as long as he doesn't try to be like conan o brian

sometimes bitin ang show