Monday, September 14, 2009

Jersey Dress

Go Eagles! Go Tams! Go Tigers! Go Warriors!

With the UAAP seniors basketball now on fever pitch and down to its Final Four, you may have noticed a good number of girls donning what looked like the official jerseys of their favorite teams but upon closer view are something just a tad different.

These are what former UAAP courtside reporter Sharon Yu call Jersey Dress, a clothing line she created with her friend Pat Giron and inspired by yes, those sought after UAAP uniforms. But Sharon says Jersey Dress is also inspired by other athletic jerseys like baseball, and football that consists of both UAAP and NCAA school designs.

"However, what’s special about Jersey Dress is that clients can have their names or their favorite athlete’s name, same goes for the jersey number. We've also made it figure-flattering for girls of any size, but still comfortable. Our dresses all have sidebars, giving the wearer an illusion of a thinner waistline. The dress fits just right, so girls can pig out without worrying about their tummy showing!"

She says the fabric they use is also the same as of the fabric of high-end apparel brands. And Jersey Dress is not just something you get off-the-rack. "You can make your own design, meaning own color, own school, and personalized lay outs/sketches. If clients have any request like adding sleeves or what not, Jersey Dress will make it for them," Sharon points out.

Girls can choose between two types of Jersey Dress. There's the original and classic sleeveless Basketball Style and there's also the new Off Shoulder line accentuated by striped knitting for sleeves with a twist.

"We want to gain presence all year long, not just during the UAAP/NCAA hype," Sharon says. "After all, school spirit doesn’t die out, so why should we? So starting this year, we will regularly come up with chic and sporty designs that are perfect for everyday, making sure whoever wears them turns heads."

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