Thursday, September 17, 2009

New iPod Nano Takes The 5th

YESTERDAY marked the official Philippine launch of Apple's latest iPod family. As if the last batch of our favorite music players on-the-go aren't ubiquitous enough, Apple is asking us to take another bite out of its current temptations.

And while the Shuffle, Classic and iTouch models have their own share of improvements (I'll talk about these iPods in a future post), it is the beloved Nano, the bestselling iPod of 'em all that stands out with the most radical facelift.

With a high quality video camera, a larger and wider (in landscape mode) 2.2-inch display, a snazzy polished anodized aluminum finish in nine (count 'em) vibrant colors, a Voice Memo audio recording (at last!), an FM radio (make that double at last!) with "Live Pause and iTunes Tagging" functionalities and a Pedometer that fitness buffs would love, the 5th generation Nano is easily the head of the class of the latest batch.

Available at P8,790 for 8GB and P10,490 for the bigger 16GB, you have plenty of reasons to hate yourself if you just bought a 4th gen Nano that retails for around the same prices.

You can now order the 5th generation Nano and the other new iPods at Apple Store Philippines at

Watch the latest iPod Nano ad:

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Kelly Austria said...

I want one Edwin! Pag iipunan ko. Hehe!