Monday, September 14, 2009

The Beatles Rock Band: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

From its Wikipedia page:

"The Beatles: Rock Band is a music video game developed by Harmonix Music Systems, published by MTV Games and distributed by Electronic Arts. It is the third major console release in the Rock Band music video game series and, like other games in the series, it allows players to simulate the playing of rock music by using controllers shaped like musical instruments. The game consists of 45 songs by the British rock group The Beatles spanning their career, along with virtual depictions of the band members performing the songs. Future downloadable content for the game will feature additional songs and full albums from The Beatles, such as the entirety of Abbey Road (1969) shortly after the game's release."

The game was released internationally on 9 September 2009 to coincide with the release of the new, remastered CD versions of The Beatles' albums. I don't know about you but if you only have enough money for just one (more) game and you also love both The Rock Band game and The Beatles, then this one's a no-brainer. Judging from the trailer below, the game does look and sound like it's a lot of fun.

All you need is love...and a PS3 or an Xbox360 or a Nintendo Wii, maybe a PC and (fingers-crossed) a Mac sometime in the near future, too.

UPDATE: According to my good friend and former GamesMaster magazine editor Ed Geronia, The Beatles Rock Band is now available in Data Blitz. Complete set including instruments is around P20K while the game disc itself will set you back by P2,400. Go get it already!

And here's the trailer of the game taken from its MTV Press Conference:

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